About us

www.ceramics-supplier.com is the place where the strenghts of a leading trading company in the ceramic industry meet together with the market knowledge of an experienced advertising agency and e-business skills of young start-ups. This is to achieve the best products and the highest level of comfort for you.

Carl Jäger GmbH 

Carl Jäger Tonindustriebedarf GmbH

The Carl Jäger GmbH is since 1930 supplier for the ceramics industry and the craft of pottery. Kindergartens, schools, colleges, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, as well creative professionals are the costumers for decades.
Great expertise, reliability and the efficient processing of costumer orders made Carl Jäger in the recent years to become a market leader in the field of ceramic supplies in Europe.

Carl Jäger is a supplier of the offered products on ceramics-supplier.com and responsible for logistics and costumer service.


 Deguto GmbH

Deguto Werbeagentur GmbH

The Deguto Werbeagentur GmbH in Höhr-Grenzhausen, with more than 20 years of experience to the web consultants of the first hour and created with their costumers many successful projects in the divisions market places, web promotion and print design. One of the special focus consists with the portals keramik.de and keramik-atlas.de in the topic of ceramic.

The Deguto GmbH is the holder of the domain ceramics-supplier.com and is responsible for the marketing and PR.